Come join us for the 9th Annual Apple Valley Winternights Gathering!
Oct. 16-20, 2013

An Asatru gathering in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia hosted by Eplagaršr Kindred


* Special Guest: Diana Paxson!

* Main blot honoring Odin.

* Honoring of the gods in the Norse tradition via a symbel and a blot.

* Seidhr rite (Norse oracular tradition)

* Asatru Vendors and purveyors of fine handcrafted goods

2013 Vendors:

Everyday Archaea

Fine linen, wool and cotton garb, cloaks and other festival wear.

Massages by Nadia

Brimming Horn and Yggdrasil's Branches
Drinking horns, bottle stoppers, Heathen artwork, etc.

Swanfire Farm
All-natural goat milk soaps and shampoos including runes and other Heathen/pagan themed designs, enameled glass art, and other odds and ends.

Tanya's Treats
Flavored vinegars, extracts, cocoa, marshmallows, baked goods, awesomeness.

Any questions,
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